Hannah Riccardi



Psalm 119:133 says “Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me,”

How far is one footstep?

Pastor continuously reminds us about taking one step closer but what is the distance of one step? This week we were given the illustration of allowing the Holy Spirit to enter the room all of our chaos. It has become second nature to accept that we should seek God’s direction in the massive cross roads of our lives. However allowing God in does not need to only be the earth-shattering things, the life-changing decisions, or the moments of crisis. What would our lives look like if we asked and invited God into the little details of our lives? If you ask someone what’s stressing them out, most of the time it’s not just the big things, it’s the little things that start piling up along the edges of the big things.  It’s the dishes still being in the sink and the laundry piling up that tip us right over the edge of being able to handle it. So what would happen if we invited God into each of the little things that stressed us out?

Every day we juggle, both hands are full to try and hold the to do lists, the assignments, clients at work, grocery lists, bills, family needs, the stress from arguing with someone that morning, and all of the other things that our daily life brings. On their own, these things are tiny, but when you’re trying to hold ten or twelve things at once and finish everything our hands are full.

If we allow God to have the order of the day, the to do lists, the bills, the gas meter, the coworker that keeps bothering you, the angry client, the emails and phone calls that keep coming in, and all of the other things we are desperately trying to juggle, suddenly our hands are empty and we have both the attention and the ability to answer God if he says reach out. We are unable to reach out when our hands are full, we have to do’s falling through all of our fingers, but if we hand them to Jesus suddenly our hands are empty.

The best part? Our God loves us so much that he cares about these little things. He wants to take them, wants to give us peace as we wake up and think about what needs to be done. Jesus isn’t just interested in the massive life altering moments, we serve an Every Moment God. When they say pray unceasingly, I don’t believe it’s meant to repeat the same worries over and over but instead to address the moments of the day as they come. We say one step closer without always realizing that it inherently means that the littlest things matter to God, each step we take is important to Him, even the “boring ones,” Let’s start to give him the little things and surrender our stress levels to our Good, Good Father.