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Get to know who we are, what we believe and discover your place in this body! We begin with our membership course in our Step 1 class, you will learn the history of Adventure Church, what we believe and teach, and the essentials of who we are. In Step 2, you will take a giftings test to help you identify your strengths and where you would best fit in our body. In our Step 3 class, we continue to expand on our culture and values at Adventure church. And in Step 4, we will get you plugged into an area of ministry.

What is Growth Track?
Growth Track is our 4-week long “starting point” class for both new believers and seasoned church-goers alike. This class shares the journey of Adventure Church and also covers in detail what we believe and why we believe it. Growth Track will also introduce you to all the areas of ministry at Adventure. Drop in on Steps 1 through 3 at any time! You don’t have to take them in order.

When can I start taking Growth Track?
You can take Steps 1 through 3 at any time! Growth Track is currently offered at both of our campuses on Sundays and also during our Wednesday and Thursday night EQUIP classes.

Central campus times:
Saturdays @ 615PM
Sundays @ 915AM & 130PM
Wednesdays @ 630PM
Thursdays @ 630PM

Southeast campus times:
Sundays @ 1015AM & 1130AM