Equip classes in November

Our Equip Classes start on the first Wednesday and Thursday of each month. Classes like Growth Track and Freedom Basics you can jump into at any time during the month.

This month’s Wednesday classes

  • Growth Track
  • OSL Level 3
  • Pastor’s Guest Speaker Class
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    this month’s Thursday classes

  • Growth Track
  • Freedom Topical
  • OSL Level 1
  • Adventure 2.0
  • ________________________________________________________________


    There is no need to sign up for these classes.If you have questions you can message us via our Facebook page.

    It all starts 6:30 PM along with Youth Group and Children’s classes.

    Growth Track

    This is the first step to getting involved at Adventure. Get to know what we're about, what we value and how you can Make a Difference.


    A discipleship program to help you take One Step Closer in your knowledge of the Bible and your relationship with Jesus.

    Pastor's Class

    In this class, Pastor Anthony shares his platform with other great speakers who serve on the A-Team.

    Freedom Basics

    Learn the ability and the value of hearing the voice of God.

    Freedom Topical

    Freedom Topical takes you to the next level in obtaining freedom. In this class, you will hear teachings on specific areas of freedom.