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The Summertime is awesome, but we’re so glad EQUIP Nights are back!

This month, our Freedom Topical Classes fall on our Thursday night EQUIP Nights. These classes were designed to help you take your One Step Closer in your journey to Freedom.

Our Freedom Basics classes fall on Wednesday nights this month. Our Freedom Basics classes are stepping stones to starting your freedom journey. Freedom Basics will teach you how to hear the voice of God and how to prepare you for your walk in personal freedom.

Freedom Basics
08.08 – Freedom Basics 1
08.15 – Freedom Basics 2
08.22 – Freedom Basics 3
08.29 – Freedom Basics 4

Freedom Topical
08.09 – Freedom from Fear
08.16 – Freedom from Parental Rejection
08.23 – Free to be Vulnerable
08.30 – VIctim to Victory